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I am a local small business owner. I am only writing this review because it is difficult to find reliable, respectful, knowledgeable, reasonable, dependable, trustworthy, services for your computer or any business for that matter. That is why I would highly reccommend Computer Network. I have and will continue to use their services and hope that you will give them a chance as well

Cobi B.

I'm embarrassed to admit that, being new to the area, I went to the yellow pages for help. Thank heavens I found Computer Network!
   I have been in twice for virus infections (a year apart). The second time was a little more complicated and it took extra visits. The staff worked with me and stuck with the job until it was solved.
   The entire staff is very knowledgeable and professional... and most importantly, a pleasure to work with.
   I will recommend Computer Network to anyone who has computer problems!

Russ D.

Ok, so my computer died and I was desperate to get it fixed.  The first place I looked for help was on craigslist.  I talked to a few people and I finally settled on a guy in Redlands, he came out and I ended up in worse shape than before.  It was late in the afternoon but Computer Network was there, their customer service was excellent.  I had so many questions and they never got impatient with me.  I must have kept the guy on the phone for 20 minutes, I could hear the phone ringing in the back ground but he never rushed me.  I finally took my computer in and they fixed it so fast!  The price was reasonable, thank god because the other guy ripped me off.  So, like a good mechanic and a good dentist now I have a good trustworthy computer company!

Rebecca P.

Upland On Site Networking

Upland Onsite Computer Repair is your one stop shop for all of you onsite networking needs in Upland.  We have a the complete solution for you small business including:

Upland On Site Networking Microsoft Small Business Server

Does your Upland small business need a complete Microsoft solution.  Small Business Server is right for and we are the technicians at Upland onsite network support can take care of all of your Small Business Server needs.  Small Business Server is Microsoft's flagship product for your upland small business.  Microsoft Small Business server has integrated Exchange for connecting smart phones and sharing calendars keeping everyone in your organization connected.  In addition, it has SharePoint which is  powerful tool for sharing documents in your organization.  Integrated into this product are many other features such as website hosting, file sharing, and print sharing just to name a few.

Upland Onsite Networking cabling

Need network and phone cabling in Upland?  Upland onsite networking is the right company for you.  We have years of experience performing all type of network and phone cabling.  With industry trends going the way they are we recommend running CAT5e or CAT6 cable for both the phone and network systems.  By doing this you can use you legacy phone system but still have the option to upgrade to a VOIP system later on.  If you already have cable and just need some more run we can do that as well.  Sometimes a loose cable can cause intermittent connection problems in which case reterminating the cable will fix the problem.  Let the technicians at Upland onsite networking do the troubleshooting an repair for.  With years of experience and the right equipment we can get the job done right in a fraction of the time other techs take.

Upland Onsite Service Contracts

Is your network lagging or do you experience problems intermittently?  Afraid of a catastrophic failure taking your business down for weeks while you server is rebuilt.  Ask us here at Upland onsite networking about scheduled maintenance contracts and service contracts.  With this product the technicians at Upland onsite networking will set up alerts on your server to notify us if any problems occur.  In case these alerts fail we also log in weekly or monthly to check on the server health.  Looking for failing drives, backups not running, DNS issues, Active Directory problems and more.  This will save your company money by preventing a complete network failure and costing you an enormous amount of money and downtime.  In addition we can perform maintenance on your desktop computers keeping them running optimally.

Upland Onsite Networking QuickBooks

Does your company use QuickBooks?  Call us at Upland Onsite Networking to take care of all of your QuickBooks needs.  Most of our customers use QuickBooks for their accounting needs.  In addition we use QuickBooks here at Upland On Site Networking making us experts at QuickBooks installation and configuration.  Many time our customer have support contracts with QuickBooks, but still cannot get a simple problem solved.  To resolve the issue they call us and within minutes have them up and running.  Are you told by QuickBooks you need to upgrade or are afraid an unsupported version will crash.  Call us and we can always help. We have been supporting and installing QuickBooks for longer than most of the tech support people at QuickBooks.

Upland Onsite Networking Security and VPN Services

Worried about security or need remote access to your files or other confidential information.  Call us at Upland Onsite Networking to help you secure you data and provide the access you need.  Many technicians setup insecure file and remote access.  This can not only cause loss of trade secrets or business but may also be against regulations or just good ethics.  Out experts here can get you connected to you data in a secure and easy manner.  From setting up Cisco ASA or using DDWRT or other products we can give you security and affordability, something everyone is looking for these days.

Upland Onsite Networking Novell

Does your Upland business still use Novell and you cannot find support?  Call Upland Onsite Networking to fix all of your Novell issues.  Many of these other companies pop up for a couple of years and die out.  These upstarts do not understand the legacy systems like Novell.  Our technicians at Upland Onsite Networking have been setting up and repairing Novell network since it popular and have never lost their ability.  We can repair all of your Novell needs whatever they are.

Upland Onsite Networking Microsoft and Cisco Certifications

Only trust those who truly know what they are doing.  At Upland Onsite Networking we have technicians that have industry leading certifications from Microsoft and Cisco.  As we all know the Smartphone you bought today will be a dumbphone in a couple of years.  The computer you bought today will be slow in a couple of years.  Don't just trust someone with experience as that experience may be obsolete.  Only trust those with current industry recognized certification. The two most important for your small business are Microsoft and Cisco.  These products are the bread and butter or small business networks and even many enterprise network.  Make sure the certifications they have are for small businesses from these companies.

Upland Onsite Networking VOIP Phone Systems

Do you want a modern phone system that can keep up withyour emerging business needs?  Let Upland Onsite Networking take care of it for you.  VOIP is the new standard in telecommunications.  There are many new features which can be added on to your VOIP system as well as a giving you a cheaper phone bill.  Some features that VOIP adds are remote workers having an extension as if they were in your office (even if they are ina different country!), voicemail to email, and many others.  Interested in replacing a phone system gives us a call.