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These guys are AWESOME. They fixed the dc jack input area on my laptop on my first visit. Very helpful, they keep you posted on what the issue is and always tell you prior to accepting service what the charges are and break it down. So the second time I went my laptop screen was "shaky" and they fixed that too. Thank goodness they are in the area, they are great!!!

Abby S.

I'm embarrassed to admit that, being new to the area, I went to the yellow pages for help. Thank heavens I found Computer Network!
   I have been in twice for virus infections (a year apart). The second time was a little more complicated and it took extra visits. The staff worked with me and stuck with the job until it was solved.
   The entire staff is very knowledgeable and professional... and most importantly, a pleasure to work with.
   I will recommend Computer Network to anyone who has computer problems!

Russ D.

Ok, so my computer died and I was desperate to get it fixed.  The first place I looked for help was on craigslist.  I talked to a few people and I finally settled on a guy in Redlands, he came out and I ended up in worse shape than before.  It was late in the afternoon but Computer Network was there, their customer service was excellent.  I had so many questions and they never got impatient with me.  I must have kept the guy on the phone for 20 minutes, I could hear the phone ringing in the back ground but he never rushed me.  I finally took my computer in and they fixed it so fast!  The price was reasonable, thank god because the other guy ripped me off.  So, like a good mechanic and a good dentist now I have a good trustworthy computer company!

Rebecca P.

Upland Laptop Repair

If your laptop is broken and live in the Upland area then you have found the place to get it fixed.  Whether you have a broken screen or a broken hard drive Laptop Repair Upland is the place to get it fixed.  Some of our laptop repair services in Upland include

Upland Laptop Repair LCD Repair

Does your screen look like this.  Need to LCD repair in the Upland  area.  One of our many specialties is LCD repair.  We have many makes and models of LCDs in stock for same day repair.  For those that we do not have in stock we have many reliable suppliers some even some LCD suppliers in the Upland area for quick repairs so you can get your computer back right away.

Upland Laptop Repair DC Jack Repair

Does you need DC jack repair in the Upland  area?  Sometimes a laptop will not turn on but if you wiggle the power adapter cord around al little bit it will work.  Usually this can be fixed by resoldering the DC jack onto the motherboard.  Our Upland  laptop repair technicians have repaired hundreds of laptops with this same problem.  Why buy a new laptop and loose all of you data when for a fraction of the price you can fix your current laptop.  Do not let a minor problem become a major expense.

Upland  Laptop Repair General Laptop Repair

Does your laptop not turn on or just run slow.  Maybe the hard drive is making a noise or you laptop is getting to hot.  The technicians here at Upland  computer repair can fix any problems that you may have with your laptop. 

Upland Laptop Repair Hinge Replacement

Does your LCD screen not open properly or does it not stay opened completely?  Take it to Upland Laptop Repair and have us fix it.  Many times the hinge for the LCD screen goes out.  Laptop hinges contain springs and other mechanism to make sure they stay opened when opened. These springs can go bad over time breaking apart and either not holding the LCD in it's proper place or completely breaking off.  Either way your LCD is not safe and a nuisance.  But we can order new hinges and replace them for you for an affordable price.

Upland Laptop Repair Hard Drive Replacement

Is your hard drive making a clicking noise?  Does you hard drive LED stay on all the time and your computer freeze up?  Has you computer slowed down without any changes being made? These can all be signs of a failing hard drive.  Our technicians at Upland Laptop Repair are experts at repairing computer with failed hard drives.  Don't let an amateur at a company repair shop that has only been around a few years ruin your hard drive and loose your data.  You should trust the technicians at Upland Laptop repair to fix your hard drive and save your data. 

Upland Laptop Repair Faint Display

Does laptop get no display or a faint display?  Sometimes the display looks like it is not there but it you look really closely you can see a faint display. This can be from many different issues.  Some of the more common ones are bad cabling, broken LCD panels, faulty inverter mechanism or a bad motherboard.  Just take your laptop in to Upland Laptop Repair for an always free estimate and let us take care of it for you.

Upland Laptop Repair Password Reset

Forgot the password on your laptop?  Removing windows password is easy for an average technician.  But how about a BIOS password on a laptop.  This is not as easy as you think.  While some manufactures have ways to do this it can be time consuming and requires more documentation and affidavits than anyone wants to deal with.  But here at Upland Laptop Repair we can take the laptop apart and short a hidden contact to remove the password.  Bring it in for a free estimate.

Upland Laptop Repair Motherboard Repair

Have you taken a laptop somewhere else after it would not turn on to have them tell you it was not worth repair.  Take it to Upland Laptop Repair for an always free estimate.  There are ways to repair those supposedly unrepairable laptops.  From reflowing the solder connection, changing capacitors, to simply reseating some cables.  Almost any of these can be done.  Bring it in and let us check it out for you.

Laptop Repair Upland Keyboard Replacement

Missing a key on the keyboard?  Bring it in to Upland Laptop Repair for a free estimate.  We have spare keyboards here that we can take keys off of sometimes for a quickly and extremely inexpensive fix.  If not we can order keyboards at a very low rate for most other laptops.

Laptop Repair Upland Spill Repair

Spill something on your laptop?  Bring it in to Upland Laptop Repair for an always free estimate.  Many times just the keyboard or track pad needs to be replaced.  If this is the case we can replace the keyboard.  Otherwise we can diagnose the cause of the problem with the laptop and let you know what needs to be replaced. 

Laptop Repair Upland Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow in the Upland area.  Then bring it over to Upland  Laptop repair and have it fixed up.  Sometimes computers just need a good cleaning.  We perform a multi step procedure guaranteed to get the best results for your computer.  Our cleaning consists of deleted unnecessary temp files, defragging the file system with a specialized defragmentation utility, removing all malware, spyware, rootkits, viruses, and trojans, and optimizing startup by disabling unneeded services.